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PLUSTrafik Malaysia

Welcome to PLUS Trafik portal!

Download PLUS Mobile Apps, your personal companion on the road! Whether you are travelling for leisure or business - plan your trip and have a safer journey ahead with official live traffic updates from PLUS.

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  • “ This app actually does everything it says, and does it with style! I love this app and I wouldn’t willingly travel without it anymore.. ”
  • " Finally... I won't get lost anymore! "
  • " The live traffic alert is very useful and help us to make informed decision about travel plans! "

Live Traffic

Live Traffic delivers up-to-the-minute, customized alerts and information where and when you need it! Live Traffic brings you accurate information about traffic congestions, detours, road closures- especially when severe weather is likely!

Live Camera Feed

Live Camera Feed provides real-time live video of traffic conditions. Live camera view of selected Rest & Service Areas – get a view of the RSA’s to plan for your stops along your journey!

Your Journey Companion

Plan your journey on PLUS Highways with route suggestion, estimated travel time, distance, toll information as well as nearby facilities in your vicinity. Definitely your ideal and perfect companion when you are on the move!