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Getting Started

Welcome to PLUSTrafik.

The following diagram will show the basic tools and function of the application.

1. Main Menu - use this menu to navigate through the application

2. Highway Selector - select active highway to show on the map. 

3. Map Option - various map option that can be viewed on the map. Toggle the option ON | OFF to show or hide Marker on the map.

4. Traffic Update List - menu to navigate through each items on the map. 


To navigate the map, please select the active highway by selecting the highway from the Highway Selector. Once the highway choosen, you can view the map by zoom in/out or pan by click and drag the mouse.

Click on the marker to view the detail info.

Using The Map Options

Map Options will enable you to show or hide items on the map. By toggle the switch ON | OFF the marker on the map will be shown or hidden. Use map option to filter which information you wish to view on the map.

Map options are available at the LIVE TRAFFIC and FACILITY menu. 

Live Traffic Info

Live Traffic info will show you the latest traffic update. Select Live Traffic from the menu and choose the Highway you wish to show. Use the map option in the bottom of the page to filter the type of information you wish to view. Click on the marker will show the detail info pop up box.

Facility Info

Facility Info will show available facilities along the selected highway. Select FACILITY from the menu and choose the Highway you wish to show. Similar like the Live Traffic menu, you can choose what facility types you wish to find by turn the facility items ON or OFF at the Map Option in the bottom of the page. Click at the marker will show you the details.

You can also browse the facility items from the Facility List menu at the right hand side of your screen. Click on the facility items at the menu will display the facility details.

Search For Nearby Facility

You can search the nearby facility from your selected location using the Nearby function. Once selected, you can view the location and route to the facility on the map.